Pol Ponsarnau (1980) is a Catalan director, who has been living and working between Berlin and Barcelona since 2010. Graduate in Audiovisual Communication at the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona, and Erasmus at FAMU (Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts) in Prague. He directed Music Videos for Four Music/Sony and Warner Music, TV and online commercials for Fanta, Audi and Bimbo. Since 2015 Pol has been working on fictional projects. His awarded first short film: “Food, First”, premiered at the 28th Filmfest Dresden and has been running in competition at more than 80 festivals internationally. His new project ‘Tara and the Blue’  received the support of German and Spanish public institutions BKM, Kuratorium Junge Deutscher Film, ICEC, it premiered in Abycine where it won Best Int. Shortfilm 2021. Pol just directed the 2nd. Season of the docu-fiction series "Dahaleez" for Al Jazeera Media Network, starring Hollywood Egyptian actor Amr Waked.


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